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Finding The Best Makeup For Your Skin

I have struggled with my complexion for as long as I have remembered. When I was a teenager, I tried just about every soap, lotion, and astringent on the market. Although I blamed my cleansers and moisturizers, the problem actually stemmed from the cheap foundation I was using at the time. I learned that my skin was sensitive to makeup, and that the wrong product could make me break out. I know how hard it can be to suffer with bad skin, and I want to help if you are dealing with the same problem. I hope that my blog can help you to learn how to make your skin glow, so that you can be confident.

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From Calm And Cool To Smoking Hot: How To (Quickly!) Switch From Day Makeup To Night

It's always exciting when you can go from a long day's drudgery at work to an exciting night out on the town. But when you don't have a lot of time to make the transition from working woman to party girl, it can be hard to figure out what to do to your makeup to establish that you're there for a good time, not for filing the latest financial report. So what are you to do when you don't have time to start fresh with a clean slate? If you're looking for little tips to change your makeup from day to night in not a lot of time, then here's what you need to know.

Glitz It Up

Glitter eye shadow is generally considered a little odd for a professional work environment, but it is perfect if you plan on dancing the night away. Before you even touch any other makeup, you'll want to dab on some metallic colored eye shadow to add a pop of interest to your previously utilitarian makeup. If you're planning on wearing cool colors such as blues, greens, or purples, or accessorizing with silver jewelry, stick with a silvery metallic; if you're wearing warmer colors like reds, yellows, or oranges or accessorizing with gold jewelry, a gold or bronze eye shadow will complement you nicely.

Go To The Dark Side

A nice, neutral brown liner is perfect for the office – it frames your eyes without looking harsh or unnatural. But a bolder line is exactly what you want when you're out at night, so take a few seconds to go over the eyeliner you already have on with a black pen. Don't worry about being able to see the cover up – if you're worried, use your finger or a q-tip and smudge the line slightly. If your hand is feeling especially steady, flick the outside edges with your pen up to create wings that are easy and subtle but still undeniably sexy and fun.

Make A Statement

A statement lip, that is. When you don't have a lot of time, the best way to add a lot of impact is to utilize an eye-catching lipstick. Chances are good you wear a neutral or light pink lip color to work – if you wear any lip makeup at all – so just changing that will make a big difference to your overall look. Pick a color that complements (but doesn't exactly mimic) the colors of your outfit; if you're stuck for ideas, you can't go wrong with a warm, bright red if you have a yellow undertone, or a sensual dark plum for those with a pink undertone.

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