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Finding The Best Makeup For Your Skin

I have struggled with my complexion for as long as I have remembered. When I was a teenager, I tried just about every soap, lotion, and astringent on the market. Although I blamed my cleansers and moisturizers, the problem actually stemmed from the cheap foundation I was using at the time. I learned that my skin was sensitive to makeup, and that the wrong product could make me break out. I know how hard it can be to suffer with bad skin, and I want to help if you are dealing with the same problem. I hope that my blog can help you to learn how to make your skin glow, so that you can be confident.

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Why You Should Take Hair Skin Nails Dietary Supplements

Many people are looking for ways to get thicker and healthier hair, stronger nails, and softer, more youthful skin. While there are several different types of vitamins and supplements out there that can help with each of these individually, it can be nice to take a supplement that takes care of them all. A hair skin nails dietary supplement can help with all of these things, and comes in the form of one pill. This article will talk about some of the different things that this supplement does to help your hair, you skin, and your nails.

They Boost Your Collagen and Keratin Production

Collagen and keratin are fibrous proteins that help to create the structure of our hair, skin, and nails. Keratin makes up the outer layer of our skin and is the key component of our hair and nails, while collagen is the main component of all connective tissue.

In order to make collagen, we must have enough vitamin C. Hair skin nails supplements come with 400 mg of vitamin C per serving, giving the body plenty of vitamin C to produce collagen. Protein is necessary to create the amino acids needed by the keratinocytes to produce keratin. Zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin B can all help in aiding the production of keratin. 

Promotes Healthy Cell Growth

Biotin is a B vitamin, and is one of the components of hair skin nails supplements. It is necessary to have biotin for cell growth because it helps assist in the necessary metabolic reactions. Biotin has been said to help produce protein which supports nail growth. It can also promote new hair growth, and better hair texture. 

They Support Against Free Radical Damage

Organs have been shown to age over time as free radicals form. A free radical is an atom or a molecule that has an unpaired or "free" electron in it's outer shell. These free radicals can be very harmful to cells because they steal their electrons through a process called oxidation. When this happens, the cells will no longer function normally, and if the free radical damage continues overtime, then the cells will eventually die.

To help stop free radicals from forming, your body needs antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that can either be man-made or natural, and usually come in fruits, vegetables, and supplements. Vitamins C and E both contain antioxidants that help stop free radical damage, and these vitamins are located in a supplement if it works hair skin nails.