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Finding The Best Makeup For Your Skin

Look Like You’ve Been To The Beach- Even When You Haven’t

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If you want to achieve that natural, sun-kissed glow, you probably think that you have to spend the day on the beach. If you simply don’t have the time or desire to worship the sun, there are some tactics that will provide the same look. These strategies will give you that light and breezy appearance that seems in sync with summer time.  Some tips to help you look like you spent the day at the beach include: Skin. If you want this healthy look, you must keep your skin hydrated with plenty of lotion. Consider investing in a tinted moisturizer to give you that rosy glow that is associated with warm weather and sandy beaches. Buy some sunless tanning spray for legs, neck, and arms, too, applying it carefully to avoid tell-tale streaks. Makeup. When it comes to achieving the beach look, less is more. Go light on the makeup, and be sure to use natural mineral makeup (such as can be found from Sheer Miracle) and bronzing powder for a seamless, sun-kissed face. Use a natural bristle brush for the best coverage. Hair. Give your look a little fun with some clever clip-in hair extensions, which are widely available in both synthetic and human hair varieties. Use contrasting colors to add some depth and intrigue to your look, clipping each extension underneath your natural hair securely. Look for fun colors and styles such as pinks, purples, and metallic extensions. Style. A beach-style uses accessories, but perhaps in a different way than you may think. Go with cool pieces such as belly chain, anklets, and unique hats for a distinctive, no-fuss appearance. Look for clothing that is made from natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, linen, and silk, to achieve this effortless look. Some great style pieces to look for include: Sarongs, which are large pieces of fabric, with clips to wear as skirts, halters, or shawls. Halter tops with open backs to show off your gorgeous summer skin. Gladiator sandals are the latest trend in footwear, and are super comfortable to wear. Try these tips to look like you have spent the day at the beach, and when you want to achieve a natural, effortless appearance. Invest in some light-toned and neutral cosmetics for this beach look, and consider buying some good quality bronzer and sunless tanning lotion for that summery glow. These strategies will make you look like you lounged on the beach all day, whether you spent time in the sun or not!...

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Men, Don’t Get Caught Making These Makeup Mistakes!

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The world of makeup has long been geared toward women. This can make it extremely difficult if you are a man trying to improve your appearance with professional cosmetics. If you are just entering the world of makeup or looking to refine your application skills, below are 3 common makeup mistakes you don’t want to get caught using! With a few helpful application tips and a little bit of practice, you can make your makeup work for you instead of against you. Foundation Faux Pas Foundation can be a tricky thing. Not only does it take trial and error to find the perfect color match, but you also have to figure out how to apply it without going overboard. In some cases, you may err too much on the side of caution and end up with uneven coverage. The biggest and most common foundation mishap is using the wrong color. What appears like a perfect match in stores may look terrible under natural lighting. Having a mismatched foundation color will derail the au natural look you are trying to achieve by wearing makeup to cover your imperfections. To avoid a serious foundation mishap, test your foundation color by applying and inspecting under natural lighting. Artificial lighting can alter the appearance your skin tone, making it impossible to tell if you have the right match. If you are having trouble ‘testing’ a foundation color, recruit the help of a friend or visit a professional makeup artist for help finding the right match for your skin tone. If you are nervous about committing to a full blown foundation, try a tinted moisturizer. It can even skin complexion without the added weight some foundations can have once applied. Blending Blunders It doesn’t matter how closely your foundation or tinted moisturizers match your skin tone. If the product is not blended perfectly into your skin, you will have obvious tide marks. Tide marks are the line that can be seen where the foundation ends and the natural skin tone begins. Tide marks are often found along the hair line and jaw line. The key to blending your foundation and tinted moisturizers is to apply an extremely light layer past the point of where it should end. For example, instead of ending your foundation at your jaw line, use a sponge to draw it down underneath the jaw line. If you are worried about applying foundation that far past your jawline, use a powder brush to apply a light coat of powder at these tide lines to blend the foundation with your natural skin tone. Concealer Catastrophes Concealer is imperative when it comes to hiding dark circles and bags under the eyes. Concealer should be a shade lighter than your natural skin tone to balance the dark areas under your eye. Like with foundation tide lines, if your concealer isn’t blended into your foundation, your eyes aren’t going to look natural at all. Since the skin around the eye is very sensitive, a sponge is not recommended for concealer application. Instead, use your finger to dab dots of concealer underneath the eye. Blend softly and carefully with your finger. Extend the concealer slightly outside the under eye area and toward your temple. After the concealer is applied, you can apply your foundation by blending...

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Two Sunscreen Myths That Can Leave You Vulnerable To Skin Damage

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Ensuring that you always look your best requires taking some preventative steps to keep your skin healthy. In particular, protecting it from sun damage is a major concern. Luckily, sunscreen is an effective and affordable way of achieving this task, but some people do not fully understand the protection offered by these products. As a result, there is a strong chance that they may believe these two misconceptions that can leave their skin exposed to this threat.   Myth: Sunscreen Is Only Beneficial On Sunny Days A common notion is that sunscreen is only needed when the sun is brightly shining on your skin. This may seem logical, but it is actually rather far from the truth. The harmful rays from the sun that can cause skin damage are able to pass through clouds, and this means that your skin can be damaged regardless of whether it is a sunny day or a cloudy day.  The best way to know what type of protection you skin will need is to check the local weather report. These reports usually contain a UV index, and this index indicates how strong the damaging rays from the sun are that day. This information will make it easier for you to keep yourself safe from this problem.  Myth: The Chemicals In Sunscreen Are Bad For The Skin Some people may make the mistake of assuming that the chemicals in the sunscreen are more harmful than the rays from the sun. It is understandable for people to be leery of applying large amounts of chemicals to themselves. Sadly, this erroneous belief can cause people to forgo the protection of sunscreen, which can place them at a far higher risk of developing sun-related skin damage.  Sunscreens have been thoroughly tested by both the medical community and government regulatory bodies. These tests have showed these substances to be safe for use, and they have proven that sunscreen is a highly effective way of protecting yourself from this threat. If you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by sunscreen, you should speak with your dermatologist because there are sensitive skin sunscreens that may be the perfect option for your needs.  Using sunscreen can dramatically reduce the damage your skin takes from being exposed to the sun. However, making the mistake of believing these myths will make it less likely for you to effectively protect your skin from this dangerous damage. By realizing that clouds do not offer protection from these harmful rays and that the chemicals used in sunscreen have been shown to be safe, you will be in a better position to keep your skin from developing a leathery appearance due to sun...

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