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Finding The Best Makeup For Your Skin

Men, Don’t Get Caught Making These Makeup Mistakes!

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The world of makeup has long been geared toward women. This can make it extremely difficult if you are a man trying to improve your appearance with professional cosmetics. If you are just entering the world of makeup or looking to refine your application skills, below are 3 common makeup mistakes you don’t want to get caught using! With a few helpful application tips and a little bit of practice, you can make your makeup work for you instead of against you. Foundation Faux Pas Foundation can be a tricky thing. Not only does it take...

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Two Sunscreen Myths That Can Leave You Vulnerable To Skin Damage

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Ensuring that you always look your best requires taking some preventative steps to keep your skin healthy. In particular, protecting it from sun damage is a major concern. Luckily, sunscreen is an effective and affordable way of achieving this task, but some people do not fully understand the protection offered by these products. As a result, there is a strong chance that they may believe these two misconceptions that can leave their skin exposed to this threat.   Myth: Sunscreen Is Only Beneficial On Sunny Days A common notion is that...

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