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Make Your Next Manicure Last As Long As Possible With Gel Nail Polish

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Keeping your nails looking great while taking care of daily chores around the house, keeping up with the kids, or doing tasks at work can be difficult. Most polishes start to chip after a very short period of time, leaving you with nails that have a less-than-appealing look. A great way to ensure that your next manicure lasts as long as it possibly can is to use gel nail polish. The guide that follows walks you through a few things to know about gel polish. Your Nails Need to be Cleaned Before the Polish Can be Applied Before the gel polish can be applied, your nails need to be thoroughly cleaned. Not only does old polish need to be removed, but your nails themselves need to be washed thoroughly to ensure that the polish is able to stick as well as possible to the surface of your nail. There are specialized cleansers that many nail salons use to ensure that the nails can easily be cleaned. You Can Often Bring in Your Own Polish to Nail Salons When you go to get your nails done at a salon, it is important to ask if you can bring your own polish with you to the salon for the manicurist to use. Most salons do not have a problem with you bringing in your own polish, like one from Gel-Nails, as long as it is useable. Polish can dry up if the top is left off of it for too long, so be sure to check that polish before you head to the salon to ensure that the manicurist will be able to use it. The Polish Takes Time to Apply When you have gel polish applied to your nails, it must be applied in thin layers. It will take quite a while for the manicurist to apply each layer and then allow the layers to harden under a UV light to create the hardened effect you want. The gel polish will stay on your nails until you have the polish removed. It needs to be soaked off in order for a manicurist to be able to easily remove the paint from the surface of your nails. If you are someone who is hard on your nails, gel nail polish may be the best option for you. The polish is available in many different shades, and you can even choose a magnetic option that creates a rippled look or polish that has glitter added to it so that your nails will have a sparkle to...

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Tips For Giving Your Child The Perfect Manicure

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When your child wants to get dressed up for a special event, a birthday party, or a celebratory dinner out with the family, your little one may request polished nails like yours. That can provide the perfect opportunity for some fun family bonding time. Choose a beautiful nail polish that will look great on both of you and go for a matching manicure. After you have painted your own nails with a beautiful polish such as Desert Night Sky nail polish, focus on your little girl’s manicure. Here are some tips to make the process run smoothly. Put On Some Fun Music Make the manicure more fun by creating the ambiance of a real nail salon at home. Most nail salons play music, so turn on a favorite playlist. Encourage your child to sing along to the tunes as you paint their nails. That will help the time go by faster for them and add to the fun. Keep All Supplies Nearby Set up a working area for the manicure with all the supplies you may need. In addition to the nail polish you’ve chosen, you need to have nail polish remover, cleaning wipes, paper towels, and a damp cloth on hand just in case you need them while giving the manicure. Also, if the child is wearing something nice, be sure to cover the clothing with a smock or towel in case they get fidgety during the manicure. Speed Up the Process You aren’t going for perfection with a child’s manicure. It should simply look nice for the night since they will likely chip the polish within hours of the manicure. Also, keep in mind that time is of the essence when you are giving a little one a manicure. Most kids just don’t have the patience of adults in a nail salon. Try to go as fast as you can while still making your child feel like they’re getting a special manicure. Compliment Your Child A little girl will feel very special after a manicure when you heap praise on how great and grown-up the manicure looks. If it matches the outfit she’s wearing, talking about that. Explain how cool it is that the child has a full manicure and brag on her to family members. Finally, keep in mind that the end goal is to have fun with it. If you’re enjoying yourself, your child will be likely to get in on the fun spirit of the manicure, too. Be sure to take a photograph of your hands together right after you complete the manicure. That can become a treasured memento of a very fond...

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From Calm And Cool To Smoking Hot: How To (Quickly!) Switch From Day Makeup To Night

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It’s always exciting when you can go from a long day’s drudgery at work to an exciting night out on the town. But when you don’t have a lot of time to make the transition from working woman to party girl, it can be hard to figure out what to do to your makeup to establish that you’re there for a good time, not for filing the latest financial report. So what are you to do when you don’t have time to start fresh with a clean slate? If you’re looking for little tips to change your makeup from day to night in not a lot of time, then here’s what you need to know. Glitz It Up Glitter eye shadow is generally considered a little odd for a professional work environment, but it is perfect if you plan on dancing the night away. Before you even touch any other makeup, you’ll want to dab on some metallic colored eye shadow to add a pop of interest to your previously utilitarian makeup. If you’re planning on wearing cool colors such as blues, greens, or purples, or accessorizing with silver jewelry, stick with a silvery metallic; if you’re wearing warmer colors like reds, yellows, or oranges or accessorizing with gold jewelry, a gold or bronze eye shadow will complement you nicely. Go To The Dark Side A nice, neutral brown liner is perfect for the office – it frames your eyes without looking harsh or unnatural. But a bolder line is exactly what you want when you’re out at night, so take a few seconds to go over the eyeliner you already have on with a black pen. Don’t worry about being able to see the cover up – if you’re worried, use your finger or a q-tip and smudge the line slightly. If your hand is feeling especially steady, flick the outside edges with your pen up to create wings that are easy and subtle but still undeniably sexy and fun. Make A Statement A statement lip, that is. When you don’t have a lot of time, the best way to add a lot of impact is to utilize an eye-catching lipstick. Chances are good you wear a neutral or light pink lip color to work – if you wear any lip makeup at all – so just changing that will make a big difference to your overall look. Pick a color that complements (but doesn’t exactly mimic) the colors of your outfit; if you’re stuck for ideas, you can’t go wrong with a warm, bright red if you have a yellow undertone, or a sensual dark plum for those with a pink undertone. Check out a makeup shop online at City Color Cosmetics to buy cosmetics for your nights on the...

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Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes: Important Dos And Don’ts

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Can you remember the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? If you’re like many women, you can matter-of-factly say that you’ve never, ever cleaned your makeup brushes. Perhaps you just replace them with new ones when they get too grungy and gross. In reality, you should be cleaning your brushes at least every few weeks; doing so keeps dirt, dead skin, and bacteria away from your face and leads to better makeup application. Plus, cleaning your brushes is easier than you might think. DO Use a Mild Cleanser You can buy makeup brush cleaners specifically designed for clearing our old foundation and eyeshadow, but if you want to save some money, a gentle soap or even baby shampoo will work just as well. Start by getting the bristles slightly wet with warm water before massaging a small amount of the cleaner into the bristles. DON’T Get the Handles Wet As you clean your brushes, be sure to avoid getting the handles wet. This is especially important if you have brushes with wooden handles. If these get wet, they could eventually rot, and you will have wasted an otherwise perfectly good set of brushes. Even if your brushes aren’t made of wood, getting water on the handles and other parts of the brush (aside from the bristles) can cause the brush to prematurely lose bristles. DO Give Yourself Time Be sure to wash your makeup brushes at a time when you don’t have to apply any makeup for at least half a day, as the brushes will need to dry completely before you can use them again. Generally, it’s best to wash your brushes at night so that they’re dry and ready to use again by the morning. Set your brushes horizontally on a paper towel or drying rack to speed up the drying process. DON’T Mishandle Bristles When washing your makeup brushes, be careful with how you handle the bristles. They can be very delicate, so using too much force when washing them can cause them to fall out or become misshapen. As a result, you may not be able to apply your makeup properly once the brush has dried or you may need to replace it altogether. As you can see, washing your makeup brushes is important, but is also a rather simple process. By keeping these tips in mind, you can have your brushes clean and ready to use in no...

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Look Like You’ve Been To The Beach- Even When You Haven’t

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If you want to achieve that natural, sun-kissed glow, you probably think that you have to spend the day on the beach. If you simply don’t have the time or desire to worship the sun, there are some tactics that will provide the same look. These strategies will give you that light and breezy appearance that seems in sync with summer time.  Some tips to help you look like you spent the day at the beach include: Skin. If you want this healthy look, you must keep your skin hydrated with plenty of lotion. Consider investing in a tinted moisturizer to give you that rosy glow that is associated with warm weather and sandy beaches. Buy some sunless tanning spray for legs, neck, and arms, too, applying it carefully to avoid tell-tale streaks. Makeup. When it comes to achieving the beach look, less is more. Go light on the makeup, and be sure to use natural mineral makeup (such as can be found from Sheer Miracle) and bronzing powder for a seamless, sun-kissed face. Use a natural bristle brush for the best coverage. Hair. Give your look a little fun with some clever clip-in hair extensions, which are widely available in both synthetic and human hair varieties. Use contrasting colors to add some depth and intrigue to your look, clipping each extension underneath your natural hair securely. Look for fun colors and styles such as pinks, purples, and metallic extensions. Style. A beach-style uses accessories, but perhaps in a different way than you may think. Go with cool pieces such as belly chain, anklets, and unique hats for a distinctive, no-fuss appearance. Look for clothing that is made from natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, linen, and silk, to achieve this effortless look. Some great style pieces to look for include: Sarongs, which are large pieces of fabric, with clips to wear as skirts, halters, or shawls. Halter tops with open backs to show off your gorgeous summer skin. Gladiator sandals are the latest trend in footwear, and are super comfortable to wear. Try these tips to look like you have spent the day at the beach, and when you want to achieve a natural, effortless appearance. Invest in some light-toned and neutral cosmetics for this beach look, and consider buying some good quality bronzer and sunless tanning lotion for that summery glow. These strategies will make you look like you lounged on the beach all day, whether you spent time in the sun or not!...

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Men, Don’t Get Caught Making These Makeup Mistakes!

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The world of makeup has long been geared toward women. This can make it extremely difficult if you are a man trying to improve your appearance with professional cosmetics. If you are just entering the world of makeup or looking to refine your application skills, below are 3 common makeup mistakes you don’t want to get caught using! With a few helpful application tips and a little bit of practice, you can make your makeup work for you instead of against you. Foundation Faux Pas Foundation can be a tricky thing. Not only does it take trial and error to find the perfect color match, but you also have to figure out how to apply it without going overboard. In some cases, you may err too much on the side of caution and end up with uneven coverage. The biggest and most common foundation mishap is using the wrong color. What appears like a perfect match in stores may look terrible under natural lighting. Having a mismatched foundation color will derail the au natural look you are trying to achieve by wearing makeup to cover your imperfections. To avoid a serious foundation mishap, test your foundation color by applying and inspecting under natural lighting. Artificial lighting can alter the appearance your skin tone, making it impossible to tell if you have the right match. If you are having trouble ‘testing’ a foundation color, recruit the help of a friend or visit a professional makeup artist for help finding the right match for your skin tone. If you are nervous about committing to a full blown foundation, try a tinted moisturizer. It can even skin complexion without the added weight some foundations can have once applied. Blending Blunders It doesn’t matter how closely your foundation or tinted moisturizers match your skin tone. If the product is not blended perfectly into your skin, you will have obvious tide marks. Tide marks are the line that can be seen where the foundation ends and the natural skin tone begins. Tide marks are often found along the hair line and jaw line. The key to blending your foundation and tinted moisturizers is to apply an extremely light layer past the point of where it should end. For example, instead of ending your foundation at your jaw line, use a sponge to draw it down underneath the jaw line. If you are worried about applying foundation that far past your jawline, use a powder brush to apply a light coat of powder at these tide lines to blend the foundation with your natural skin tone. Concealer Catastrophes Concealer is imperative when it comes to hiding dark circles and bags under the eyes. Concealer should be a shade lighter than your natural skin tone to balance the dark areas under your eye. Like with foundation tide lines, if your concealer isn’t blended into your foundation, your eyes aren’t going to look natural at all. Since the skin around the eye is very sensitive, a sponge is not recommended for concealer application. Instead, use your finger to dab dots of concealer underneath the eye. Blend softly and carefully with your finger. Extend the concealer slightly outside the under eye area and toward your temple. After the concealer is applied, you can apply your foundation by blending...

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Two Sunscreen Myths That Can Leave You Vulnerable To Skin Damage

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Ensuring that you always look your best requires taking some preventative steps to keep your skin healthy. In particular, protecting it from sun damage is a major concern. Luckily, sunscreen is an effective and affordable way of achieving this task, but some people do not fully understand the protection offered by these products. As a result, there is a strong chance that they may believe these two misconceptions that can leave their skin exposed to this threat.   Myth: Sunscreen Is Only Beneficial On Sunny Days A common notion is that sunscreen is only needed when the sun is brightly shining on your skin. This may seem logical, but it is actually rather far from the truth. The harmful rays from the sun that can cause skin damage are able to pass through clouds, and this means that your skin can be damaged regardless of whether it is a sunny day or a cloudy day.  The best way to know what type of protection you skin will need is to check the local weather report. These reports usually contain a UV index, and this index indicates how strong the damaging rays from the sun are that day. This information will make it easier for you to keep yourself safe from this problem.  Myth: The Chemicals In Sunscreen Are Bad For The Skin Some people may make the mistake of assuming that the chemicals in the sunscreen are more harmful than the rays from the sun. It is understandable for people to be leery of applying large amounts of chemicals to themselves. Sadly, this erroneous belief can cause people to forgo the protection of sunscreen, which can place them at a far higher risk of developing sun-related skin damage.  Sunscreens have been thoroughly tested by both the medical community and government regulatory bodies. These tests have showed these substances to be safe for use, and they have proven that sunscreen is a highly effective way of protecting yourself from this threat. If you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by sunscreen, you should speak with your dermatologist because there are sensitive skin sunscreens that may be the perfect option for your needs.  Using sunscreen can dramatically reduce the damage your skin takes from being exposed to the sun. However, making the mistake of believing these myths will make it less likely for you to effectively protect your skin from this dangerous damage. By realizing that clouds do not offer protection from these harmful rays and that the chemicals used in sunscreen have been shown to be safe, you will be in a better position to keep your skin from developing a leathery appearance due to sun...

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Why You Should Take Hair Skin Nails Dietary Supplements

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Many people are looking for ways to get thicker and healthier hair, stronger nails, and softer, more youthful skin. While there are several different types of vitamins and supplements out there that can help with each of these individually, it can be nice to take a supplement that takes care of them all. A hair skin nails dietary supplement can help with all of these things, and comes in the form of one pill. This article will talk about some of the different things that this supplement does to help your hair, you skin, and your nails. They Boost Your Collagen and Keratin Production Collagen and keratin are fibrous proteins that help to create the structure of our hair, skin, and nails. Keratin makes up the outer layer of our skin and is the key component of our hair and nails, while collagen is the main component of all connective tissue. In order to make collagen, we must have enough vitamin C. Hair skin nails supplements come with 400 mg of vitamin C per serving, giving the body plenty of vitamin C to produce collagen. Protein is necessary to create the amino acids needed by the keratinocytes to produce keratin. Zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin B can all help in aiding the production of keratin.  Promotes Healthy Cell Growth Biotin is a B vitamin, and is one of the components of hair skin nails supplements. It is necessary to have biotin for cell growth because it helps assist in the necessary metabolic reactions. Biotin has been said to help produce protein which supports nail growth. It can also promote new hair growth, and better hair texture.  They Support Against Free Radical Damage Organs have been shown to age over time as free radicals form. A free radical is an atom or a molecule that has an unpaired or “free” electron in it’s outer shell. These free radicals can be very harmful to cells because they steal their electrons through a process called oxidation. When this happens, the cells will no longer function normally, and if the free radical damage continues overtime, then the cells will eventually die. To help stop free radicals from forming, your body needs antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that can either be man-made or natural, and usually come in fruits, vegetables, and supplements. Vitamins C and E both contain antioxidants that help stop free radical damage, and these vitamins are located in a supplement if it works hair skin...

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